About US


Rotary Wing Engine is a new (2012) California Corporation based in Silicon Valley

We are developing a Rotary Engine that will make current piston based engines obsolete
Rotary Wing Engine is an advanced, high efficiency engine that allows designing compact drivetrains, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

In 2012 we competed in the Cleantech Open Competition
In October we won the Western Region Transportation Category (181 Entries)
In November 2012 we competed against other regional winners and we finished as runner up (Congratulations to HEVT)

Cleantech Semifinalist Cleantech Finalist

In 2014 we were awarded a contract by DARPA to develop the engine technology
Darpa Funding

We are currently in stealth mode
Stay Tuned!

Our focus

Below are some key points that we focused on when designed the Rotary Wing Engine
High Power

4 power strokes per shaft rotation (8X more than a piston engine)

High Efficiency

Our design significaly reduces friction in the metal surfaces

Light weight

Significally smaller and lighter engine

Fuel Agnostic

With minor tweaks the design can be used with: Gasoline, Diesel, Propane & CNG


From a fraction of a liter displacement up to 20 Liter engines keeping the same fundamental design

Low Cost

Disruptively lower cost compared to piston engine technology

Less Polluting

Enabling pollution regulation compliance

Suitable Applications

For Accredited* Investors

* Click here for definition of "Accredited Investor"